What is a MelBot?


In your professional work you have to worry about deadlines and things always working smoothly,but in MelBotWars you can give your serious full attention and technical knowledge to something that is very fun. The goal for MelBotWars is to establish a new real-time dynamics competition that is both fun and educational at the same time.You will learn many things just because you have to in order to have your robot survive, that’s a big incentive! The unpredictability of every fight is also exciting and for once it doesn’t matter what happens because the simulation doesn’t have to answer to anyone. For any updates to the information provided here or to the rules of battle visit the Rules at:


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In 1998 Habib Zargarpour had an idea to have virtual fighting robots. He presented the first version of this idea at the A|W Usergroup meeting which was held at Siggraph '98 in Orlando. Since then he has found many other uses on productions for the skill and knowledge acquired to build the virtual robots. MelBotWars involves using the Maya rigidBody Solver to build autonomous robots and teach them to fight each other using MEL expressions. A set of standards and rules have been created to allow different users to create robots and have them battle it out fairly in a predetermined arena. You are encouraged to have intermediate to advanced level knowledge of rigidBodies and rigidConstraints for building a virtual robot (called MelBot), and MEL expressions for detecting and attacking opponent robots so that you can fine tune the rigidBody solver, weigh your robot, and comply with the rules of the game. Advanced MEL knowledge is not necessary but helpful for the survival of your robot. The deadly Blade_BLD robot doesn’t need much of a Brain


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