MelBot Movies:


The mov clips require Quicktime to view. The wmv clips require Windows Mediaplayer (You may have to hold down the [cntl] key to allow pop-ups). To download the animation instead of just viewing it, right-click on it and select "Save target as..."


The Crusher_CRS takes on the MalletBot_MLT melBot in a very interesting 30 second match!  [2.4Mb]
MelBotWars_Movie8.wmv  [2.2Mb]



This movie file shows the Blade_BLD melBot totally annihilate its competition. That's the last robot you want to go up against if you feel really confident.  [0.5Mb]
MelBotWars_Movie2.wmv  [1.0Mb]

Robot2_GEN gets totally wasted fast. This robot is really meant to be the one you practice against when you have a new robot. It's spinning weights don't really pose much of a threat unless you increase the spin rate and then its more of a menace to itself.  [0.5 Mb]
MelBotWars_Movie4.wmv  [0.5 Mb]

Here we see another battle from the Blade_BLD melBot's POV camera. The Training DVD contains instructions on how to build and connect such a camera. [0.5Mb]
Robot_threesome_BladePOV.wmv [1.0Mb]

This is worth seeing because the action is non-stop and the series of events incredible.  [1.6 Mb]
MelBotWars_Movie3.wmv  [2.6 Mb]

The Wedge_HZ melBot gets a quick death at the hands of Potsie_PTS (for a change :)  [0.7 Mb]

   MelBotWars_Movie6.wmv  [1.1 Mb]

The all new Crusher_CRS melBot is seen here trying to demolish a brick. It has not seen any real action yet, but keep checking because we will post its battles as soon as they happen.  [1.1 Mb]
MelBotWars_Movie7.wmv  [1.0 Mb]

Think the Blade_BLD melBot wins every time? Think again!  [1.0Mb]
MelBotWars_Movie5.wmv  [1.6Mb]


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Copyright 2002 Habib Zargarpour
Potsie_PTS Copyright 1999 Adrian Graham