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Building the Arena:

1. Ground Plane

  Open the scene file in Maya  containing your robot:
  Create a nurbsPlane and scale it up to 40x40 units in X and Z
  Change the makeNurbsPlane1 patchesU and patchesV attributes to 10.
   This will allow you to add warps and bumps to the ground plane later.
  Rename the plane to arenaGroundPlane and make it a passive rigidBody

2. Arena Border

We are going to create the border using a torus primitive. This will give us a nice  closed solid geometry very easily.

  Create a polygonal torus primitive: Create>Polygon Primitives>Torus
  Select the polyTorus1 node from the ChannelBox, change the subdivisionAxis and
   subdivisionHeight to 4. Set the radius to 28.42, the sectionRadius to 0.2,
   and the twist to 45.0.
  Scale the torus up to 3.556 in Y and translate it up in Y by 0.5, and set rotateY to 45.0.
  Rename the torus to arenaBorder
  Group the arenaGroundPlane and arenaBorder and rename the parent node to ARENA.
  Delete the history on all the geometry and freeze the transforms:
   Modify>Freeze  Transformations. Now we have a geometry that is 1 unit tall 
   and scaled 1 in Y so now  when we scale it in Y that number will correspond to the actual
   height of the object. In advanced MelBotWars the height will be scaled to 0.6 in Y.
   (you can set it to 1 for beginner level testing).

3. Rigid Body Settings

     Ground Plane

bounciness = 0.3
static/dynamic friction = 0.5
collision layer 0
border 1 unit tall, bounciness = 0.6

bounciness = 0.6
static/dynamic friction = 0.5
collision layer = 0
Lastly add gravity to the scene for MelBots to connect with. Make sure it is called gravityField1 with a magnitude of 32.0.

The opponents will start at X = 11, Z = -11 and X = -11, Z = 11 in opposing corners. You can assign the included texture arena_file.jpg to the ground plane, and arenaBorder_file.jpg to the border with a repeatU of 4.

Click on the image below to download the Siggraph 2002 version of the Arena ground plane painted by Ron Woodall: 

Copyright 2002 Habib Zargarpour